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About The Association

Under the letter of His Excellency the Vice-Dean of King Saud University, Dr. / Abdulaziz Al-Khawaiter, may God have mercy on him, dated 5/9/1391 AH, corresponding to October 24, 1971 AD, the system of the Saudi Geographical Society was approved and the appointment of its founder, the first geographical pioneer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Prof. Dr. Asaad Suleiman Abdo as its president. And according to the letter of the Vice-Rector No. 4636/1 dated 6/11/1391 AH corresponding to December 23, 1971 AD, it was approved to form the administrative body of the Saudi Geographical Society headed by His Excellency the President himself.

Association Message

Activating National Geographical Expertise Within A Tight Institutional Framework; In A Way That Contributes To Geographical Scientific Progress And Achieving Environmental And Civilizational Balance; Supporting Community And Development Contributions Through Educational And Research Activities, Advisory And Training Services In Various Geographical Fields And Their Technologies; Contribute To The Self-Development Of The Expertise Of The Association’s Employees And Expand The Scope Of Their Actual Contributions In Accordance With The Highest Standards Within The Framework Of Islamic Faith And Heritage. Arab And Islamic; And Strengthening Channels Of Cooperation And Partnership Nationally, Regionally And Internationally.


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